The Benevolent Society-Projects Coordinator



  The Benevolent Society for Developing Beit Hanoun – North Area seeks to hire a “Projects Coordinator” (full-time):

1. Proven previous relevant experience in working in related fields, preferred with international NGOs.
2. Bachelor degree in Engineering, Management, Business or English from a recognized university, with at least graduation average 75+%. 
3. Ability to work within a team and under heavy workloads. 
4. Strong administrative, financial and communications skills especially in projects coordination issues. 
5.Excellent computer skills (Windows, MS Office, Internet, .. etc.)
Strong skills in English and Arabic (reading, writing and speaking). 6
7. Excellent skills in preparing plans, concept paper, proposals, and reports

. Responsibilities & Tasks:
1. Participating in initiating the project ideas & preparing the action plans of the section projects. 
2. Preparing concept papers and proposals for projects. 
3. Assisting the direct supervisor in the design of activities, monitoring and evaluation for the projects.
4. Carrying out administrative and financial processes for the projects under implementation. 
5. Preparing the various progress and final administrative and financial reports for projects. 
6. Being cooperative in his/her work under supervision of the direct supervisor.
7. Any other related tasks required by the direct supervisor.

Applying to this position by sending CVs to the society’s email
deadline: Sunday 23rd, October, 2016, 12:00 PM.
Please note that the first 3 months will be trial period starting for US$ 450 a month. Short listed candidates will be tested and interviewed.


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